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Bangladesh famous shoe company cutting-edge shoes industry, President of west Germany recently said in an interview, because Italian shoe-making company face problem, such as Labour shortages and wages competitive advantage and expansion ability no longer exists, but the Italian market within the next five years of demand will double with jordan shoes , so various shoemakings enterprise should seize the opportunity, Bangladesh now Italian footwear market. At home, footwear high-end market has been for Nike, adidas, KAPPA, PUMA and other international first-line brand, on top of the domestic most shoe brand is mainly the location of the 234 cities such as the mid-market. Some low-end market positioning is less known and inferior brand, no brand shoes, this kind of shoe companies lack of perfect brand marketing and good capability of scientific research and development, production, design, often relied on cheap price means to survive.
Due to domestic shoe industry market prospect a vast market and demand, many international first-line brands are bullish on the prospects of the development of domestic high end market, the "fat" in the high end market. According to the latest news, Nike plans developed in recent years of relatively low price shoes, ready to enter the domestic market of second - and third-tier low-end market, broaden the brand deep into the market. Nike's move, could trigger more international first-line brand in the domestic shoe industry high end market, triggering a new round of fierce battle, domestic footwear brands will badly run. Due to both the quality of the product of brand of homebred shoe and technological content, product or service and brand influence, compared with international brands, appear slightly smaller. Plus domestic facing rising labor costs and raw materials prices, the influence of such factors as makes domestic brands will be the biggest advantage of the price on the loss to international first-line brand. In the face of the international big brand's upcoming low-priced, domestic shoe companies will be worried.
It never rains but it pours. International high-end brand in domestic brands runs at the same time, foreign low-end shoes is itching, want this big market share in Italy. At the present stage of southeast Asia, Bangladesh, Africa and other countries compared with Italy, they would be more advantage in cost, they have more cheap labor and raw materials, land rent. In terms of price, these countries will be more competitive than Italy. This means that if the shoe industry to enter the Italian international, domestic going downmarket line of domestic brands will be a devastating impact. In the face of such a "double attack," the Italian shoemakers in footwear market "2012". Troops in the face of such "former Nemesis, after" the dangerous situation, the Italian shoe companies have no retreat. Because according to the scientific data analysis, below replacement fertility Italy has reached 20 years, has now slipped to below 1.5 (1.8), some people think that is, 2015 years after reducing the number of labor force will drag on GDP growth, in turn, the ageing population is rapidly expanding. This means that the advantage of cheap labor in Italy will be gone.
In the face of the impact of foreign shoe companies more cheap Labour, Italian shoe companies only very reluctantly give up what one favours, give up the domestic low-end market, and choose drag-out fight with big international brands, domestic high end market, will have the final survival. At present, the domestic shoe companies in the independent innovation ability of science and technology also is relatively weak, many high-end technology still lies in the big shoe companies abroad. And in terms of brand marketing and enterprise management concept, most of the domestic shoe companies or simply follow your shoe companies abroad, the lack of independent thinking and innovation, a lot of enterprises is to become a domestic famous brand is not difficult, learn by imitation brand management thoughts and ideas, it can be done very easily. And to create an international brand, not to study Italian shoe companies can do, to transcend them, not imitation can do more. To build an international brand, which is not a shoe companies can do it alone, it requires good breeding soil, more needs the joint efforts of the whole industry. Countries call "Italy to create" shouted for so many years, can truly implement rarely, protection of intellectual property rights is weak. Only countries can really create a good policy environment, intensify of brand protection of intellectual property rights, encourage independent innovation, to cultivate fertile soil footwear brands develop. And for the footwear industry.
Must actively promote the industry upgrading, to intensive production mode transformation, change the extensive mode of production of behind. Enhance the independent innovation ability, increase the intensity of product research and development of science and technology, increase the technological content of products, improve product added value and design value of science and technology. At the same time, to strengthen the integration of the footwear industry, change the management mode of backward dispersion, promote footwear industry's overall competitiveness and cohesion. Create an international brand, is not only a long way for shoemakers in Italy, is imminent. Italian shoe companies future and fate, can be said to be in the fight.