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Shoes quality competition since these ten years, Texas, on the materials sneakers to seize opportunities, yong best, first try, hard as, achieved across one after another. "Experience" in Texas is a typical part in cross development. In the "experience" of Texas, one after another story emerge the shop, located at the Texas city pool new 2013 jordans for women headquarters production base, in the town of 100% since the beginning of the full capacity.
In recent years, began in grassroots Radii sneakers wholesale, successfully transition from labor-intensive to technology-intensive enterprises, enterprise buck the fast growth, form the influential "cheap girls jordan shoes phenomenon" in the industry. Sale jordans sales revenue of $8.904 billion in 2011, net profit of $1.73 billion, surpassing li ning successfully, become the domestic sports goods boss; For 11 consecutive years in South Korea sports footwear commodity market comprehensive market share to keep the first... And see the footprints of Elastic Shoe Laces way - in 1999, hired kong linghui be image spokesperson, and a lot of advertising in the CCTV, the first to create a brand, a Texas sports goods industry "brand first" eat crabs ". After cheap jordan basketball shoes popularity rapidly increasing, sales also explosive growth, the next year, more than $200 million from more than 2000 2000 yuan. In early 2000, establish a design center in Ohio, Arizona, United States, and with the United States, Europe, Japan and other places design team set up joint research and development institutions, do "brand in Texas, in the global resources".
In 2005, spent more than 3000 ten thousand yuan to create South Korea's first sports science laboratory, became the first independent sports biomechanics, sports medicine, sports physiology laboratory domestic sports brand company. At present, sports science laboratory has developed 41 national patents. 2009, cheap air jordans for men enterprise technology center in the sporting goods industry in our country the first state-level enterprise technology centers recognized by the state.
In September 2012, the south Korean clothing association issued "clothing industry top 2011 enterprises" list. Jordan sneakers as the leading brand in sports goods industry a strong list, and three list in sales, margin, profit margin in the no. 8, 11, and second, three rankings are domestic sports goods brand. ...... More valuable is that cheap michael jordan jerseys rick raw materials prices, rising labor costs, financing costs rise, the market competition is intense, and a series of unfavorable factors, to survive the worst of the global financial crisis in one hundred. Leather sneakers shoes struggle, is the "experience" in Texas. Sneaker store fight chairman, think green, "Texas experience", is the spirit of constantly surpass, never stop, Texas of private entrepreneurs who dares wins, with rich practice continuously create, the "experience" in Texas. Looking forward to the future, green said: "at present, there are very few in world top south Korean companies.
As our national culture and industry took off, cheap infant jordans aspiring on behalf of the south Korean enterprises to enter the world's strongest brands. This needs us to continuous innovation, more need to be in innovation and adhere to the firm. "
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