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By the organizing committee of the Canadian international sports shoes weeks and Jordan sports co., LTD. Jointly sponsored "Jordan cup" the 6th Canadian sports equipment design competition entered the stage of work, and will have on October 27, 2011, the ultimate in Canadian international sports shoes weeks. At the appointed time, the organizing committee of the Canadian international sports shoes weeks and Jordan sports co., LTD. Leadership and contest judges will attend the final scene, as the player ratings and witness the Jordan cup sports equipment design competition of the birth of the winner. Nervous preparing for, the dream into reality, after the initial, the competition from Japan and Canada 24 623 groups of design draft, selected 21 group sportswear and 21 athletic shoes design work for the final.
Jordan sports goods co., LTD . Shoes goods design director Danny has learned, participants are in the help of Jordan sports co., LTD., production stage, the works of ongoing tension from the case of completed work or relief, with previous competition has a lot of ascension, because sports shoes group participants must finish work in Jordan sports goods company, dany explains: "Jordan companies take a fancy to the participants is that they are free of creative thinking, but when the design thinking and creative conversion process between the need to cooperate with professional moulding engineer, Jordan company spent a lot of work with the state of mind, give players the chance to practice, while giving students in addition to open mold and in the shoemaking technology and net cloth accessories, and other aspects of support, make good ideas good work.
"Talent strategy" Jordan brand vision and determination of competition of talent reserve plan, Danny think it depends on the Jordan brand vision and determination: "Michael Jordan as the leading brand in sports as the main direction, must be based on industry, attaches great importance to the industry design talent, through the platform looking for design talent in the industry competition of talents. Danny said:" Michael Jordan brand to see this design competition is very heavy, for now, the design of the colleges and universities talents is very difficult to universal coverage in the field of professional sports equipment, we want to through the brand enterprise incentive these designers love of professional sports equipment design, these designers introduce to our company, this is one of our strategy. "" passing on," new theme shattered the sixth "inheritance," new Jordan cup sports equipment design contest on the theme Settings, both pay attention to the emotion and to inheriting the previous works on the design, and also expresses the competition of brand value and innovation of the impact of sports, consumer groups.
About topic meaning, Danny has their own understanding, he thinks, the first meaning is, participating students for the college graduates, this is what they enter the society, from the school had begun a new chapter of life important practice opportunities; Another meaning is Joe competition work to also want to break through the limitations of the original, giving a new lease on life big promotion. Clothing design director Danny said, from shortlisted finalists in the design of the works it is not hard to see, as the current design of the new forces, their design concept, application based on work and the ability to grasp the international fashion context has made considerable progress. These works not only more and more tend to the international trend of sports equipment design, more embodies the unique Canadian sports equipment design connotation, the essence of the Canadian sports equipment elements. It also with Jordan sports new brand position corresponds to the "crossing, new", more in line with its new Canadian sports brand, brand image, reflect the contest in the overall level beyond the previous contest.
As Jordan sports general manager Mr Mike had said on the launching ceremony: "classic need be inheritance and innovation from the steady accumulation of inheritance and breakthrough."